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Best Oatmeal Storage Containers in 2022

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Oatmeal storage containers come in handy to store oatmeal in a safe, secure and effective manner. When stored in a cool, dark and dry, airtight sealed oatmeal storage containers can extend the shelf life of the whole grain.

When storing oats, containers should be airtight, clean, and durable. Receptacles can be made from plastic, glass or even ceramic. Size, shape, and material are important factors to consider when selecting the right dry food storage containers for you.

Oatmeal is cheap, readily available and easy to prepare, no wonder it has become a staple ingredient in household kitchens. 

Buying oats in bulk is cost effective, as long as the remainder are properly stored. If you are considering purchasing bulk oats, then you will want the best airtight oatmeal storage containers to preserve the quality of the whole grains.

What kind of containers do you use for oatmeal?

Oatmeal is an easy, healthy and nutritious whole grain food that can be served at anytime of day. But how do you decide what is the best oatmeal storage container for you?

Well, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting a container for storing oatmeal. Aside from the size of the vessel, here are some other features that are equally as important to think about: 

  • Container Size: The first and foremost question to ask, how much oatmeal are you storing? When purchasing oats, packaging ranges from single serving oatmeal portions to 50# of bulk oats. Now the later is far beyond the needs for an average person, however let’s assume you want to store 5# at a time. Size is generally measured in volume, and oatmeal is fairly lightweight. 5# of oats is about 4 quarts or 1 gallon of volume. 
  • Container Material: Glass surfaces do not stain, absorb funky odors or retain bad flavors, and therefore it is recommended as the best material choice for storing food. However, glass and ceramic can be heavy, and are prone to break when dropped a short distance. Plastic is lightweight, the lids don’t rust and plastic containers don’t shatter as easily, therefore it is a reliable and affordable option for safe food storage.
  • Container Lid: The lid must be made with food grade materials that locks in place with an airtight seal. Plastic lids are fairly durable and effective against the test of time. 
  • Container Shape: Shape is a personal preference, however, a wide opening is a desirable. This feature makes it easier for you to easily scoop smaller portions from the container. Sturdy containers can be used for stacking, which is a better use of space and will increase storage capacity.

Do oatmeal storage containers need to be airtight?

Storage containers give you peace of mind that your food will not be exposed to air, lose moisture, or become stale. In fact, airtight containers preserve the quality while in storage.

If oatmeal is not stored in airtight containers, then the oats will dry out quickly, degrade in texture and take on bad odors from the surrounding environment.

So, oatmeal does not need to be in an airtight, however for best result it is highly recommended. Airtight container preserve the quality, freshness and taste of the food in storage.

Is it better to store oatmeal in plastic, glass or stainless steel?

An oatmeal storage container has become the standard practice for bulk food shoppers and veteran food savers. But, do I have to put oatmeal in a container?

Glass and plastic containers are not the only options available for storing oatmeal. Tupperware containers, plastic buckets, medium-sized mason jars and vacuum sealed mylar bags also work well for storing oats.

Can you put oatmeal in a glass container? Yes, you can absolutely store oatmeal in glass containers.

Personally, I prefer to stay away from plastic and polypropylene materials because unwelcome odors tend to permeate the container and the smell lingers forever. As a result, I end up using large glass mason jars stored in my dry storage area, and they work well for me.

Can you put oatmeal in a plastic container? The answer is yes! You can use a plastic container to secure oatmeal in an airtight container.

Plastic tends to hold off flavors and unsatisfactory aromas that I don’t want oatmeal to absorb! Therefore, I prefer using glass containers over a plastic container for my oatmeal storage needs. 

Best oatmeal storage containers

The Bottom Line

Once you get used to buying oatmeal in bulk, it will become a regular cost saving habit with added benefits of food security. When securely stored in an airtight container, properly stored oatmeal can last for 20 to 30 years.

The most important factors to consider when purchasing an oatmeal storage container are the size, material, lid and shape. The container size is an important factor because you want to adequately provide enough space for your storage needs.

A wide mouth design will allow for a scoop to be used inside the container when accessing the oats for a smaller vessel that is used inside the cupboard. 

Stack ability is an important consideration since this allows you to make better use of the storage space available. Sturdy containers become a valuable asset for space saving ability.

Whether you choose ceramic, plastic or glass, the decision is up to you. However, do consider that ceramic and glass do not retain old flavors and plastic will hold funky smells that may be transfer into your oats. 

8 Best Oatmeal Storage Containers

Use the right oatmeal storage container and your oats can last up to 20 or 30 years. Size, shape, lid and material are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right container for you.

Oatmeal has caught on as a convenient, healthy and cost effective food staple that can be eaten at any time of day. This list will help you find the best oatmeal storage container.

Sort through the options below and find a container that perfectly suits your needs. Decide between the ceramic, plastic or glass, straight sides, rounded sides or mylar bags, and also pick the oatmeal storage container size that is perfect for you.

The oatmeal storage containers range in sizes. The container size is perfect for storing large quantities and transferring smaller portions of oats using a dry food scoop.

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