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Is Oatmeal Good For Face?

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Oatmeal is indeed one of the most popular and wholesome breakfast choice options available. But, do you know that oatmeal offers many benefits for your skin? 

Oatmeal can act as a natural skin cleanser that can help you prevent acne and make your skin complexion smooth, softer and silky. Oatmeal can reduce irritation, inflammation and moisturize dry skin.

If you are now interested to know more, then please keep reading the following sections and to learn some unique benefits of oatmeal for face care.

Oatmeal Benefits For Face

Oatmeals has various benefits for your face and overall skincare. 

For example, it can be a perfect face moisturizer, relieves irritated skin and also help treat acne! Plus, it’s all-natural and contains no synthetic elements.

Rest assured that oatmeal is a rich source of proteins and lipids that feature excellent emollient properties as well as being a great moisturizer. 

Please note that oatmeal contains vitamin E and even has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to it, oatmeals can also be used to treat your dull, dry, and itchy skin.

Has your face skin become dry, itchy, and irritated recently? Well, this is an extremely common problem that can happen due to pollution, harsh weather conditions, aging effects, and more. In such cases, an oatmeal face mask will help to treat your skin with moisturized healing.

You will even be amazed to know that you can use oatmeal for cleansing and exfoliating the dead skin and removing the dead cells from your face. In addition, it makes your skin complexion and texture smoother, better, and brighter. 

Being a natural skin cleanser, it will wash away all the impurities, and will even re-mineralize the skin without dehydrating or stripping the underlying cells.

Since oatmeal features many types of protective phenols in its composition, you can use it for improving your complexion. These phenols come with skin-beneficial UV-fighting properties that protect your face and other parts of your body skin from ultraviolet-A (UVA) rays. 

Even more so, oatmeal protects your face from harsh pollutants and harmful chemicals. 

Another good thing about oatmeal is that it’s suitable for all skin types. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can use oatmeal on your face without any worry.

For instance, if you are suffering from eczema, acne, and psoriasis, then also please do not think twice and use oatmeal face packs.

Oatmeal for Face Acne

Oatmeal can extend wonderful benefits if you are suffering from acne problems. Please note that oatmeals contain zinc (as the key element) that will reduce inflammation. 

At the same time, it will even kill the acne-causing bacterial infection as well. What’s more, oatmeal soaks up the excess oil on the surface of your face. 

As you probably know that excess oil on your face is one of the main causes of acne. Since oatmeal soaks up excess oil, it will eventually help you to get rid of some underlying conditions that create acne problems.

Can I use oatmeal on my face everyday?

Yes, please feel free to use oatmeal on your face every day. Oatmeal is a natural ingredient and it does not contain any chemically processed or synthetic elements. 

Rest assured that it is a far better and more effective solution than using any commercial products. Most of the skin care commercial products available in the market contain toxic and synthetic compounds. 

Oatmeal is definitely a perfect alternative face cleanser. Not only is it a natural cleanser and exfoliator, but also it’s a great moisturizer too. 

Regular usage of oatmeal face packs will definitely improve your skin texture, make your skin bright and beautiful, and also help you to overcome various skin related issues including acne.

Can you use colloidal oatmeal on your face?

Yes, definitely! Colloidal oatmeal is a marvelous scrub for your face.

Colloidal oatmeal is processed from the whole oat grain. The whole oat grains are milled, sieved, and processed into ultra-fine powder — which is named as colloidal oatmeal. 

You can use it as a scrub to remove dead skin cells and polish your skin texture. It will reduce the visible spots from your face and even soften it.

Oatmeal Face Care Tips

Other than being a perfect addition to a healthy breakfast, oatmeal extends a number of face care benefits (as listed below). You can use it for the following purposes.

  • As a natural cleaner.
  • As an exfoliator.
  • As a moisturizer.
  • As an effective solution to overcome acne issues.
  • As a skin protectant.
  • As a reliever for dry and itchy skin.

In addition to the above benefits, oatmeal is indeed great when it comes to improving your skin texture. Plus, oatmeal is also good for your hair growth and body care nourishment as well.

Is oatmeal good for face?

Which oats are best for face?

All types of oatmeal can be good for your face and skin, ultimately dependent on how it is prepared. Oat groats and steel cut oats must be fully cooked before making a paste or face mask mixture. 

However, if you are looking for the best oatmeal for face, then you are recommended to use the old fashioned oats. 

Regular rolled oats are comparatively less processed than other types of oatmeal variants. They contain no external components and easily be mixed into a face mask, scrub or moisturizing mixture. 

So, please feel free to use rolled oats for preparation oatmeal face packs.

How do you use oatmeal for face?

With the countless benefits offered by oats, the obvious question would be how do I use oatmeal on my face? Pastes, scrubs and face masks are the common ways to apply oatmeal.   

To make an oatmeal-based face pack:

  1. Place one-third cup of plain water and half a cup of oatmeal in a small pan. 
  2. Boil the oatmeal and then allow it to cool down. 
  3. It will become like a thick paste that you can apply all over the face. 
  4. Let sit for around twenty minutes.
  5. Rinse with lukewarm water.

This face pack will control the excess oil on your face, and even hydrate and moisturize your skin as well.

Similarly, you can prepare an oatmeal face scrub as well. 

To make an oatmeal face scrub:

In a small bowl, mix one tablespoon of finely ground oatmeal with one tablespoon raw honey, one tablespoon brown sugar, and one tablespoon milk/essential oil. 

Mix all the ingredients nicely and use it as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells.

Oatmeal For Face Care: Final Thoughts

With this, you have revealed all the outstanding benefits of oatmeal face care products. So, why continue to rely on costly, commercial skin products? 

Oatmeal is cheap, easily available, and all-natural. Oatmeal scrubs, masks, cleansers and moistures are effect ways to treat a number of face care conditions.

Your face needs care to remain healthy and glowing. With the numerous benefits of oats for face, please do not hesitate anymore and use oatmeal for your face care routine starting today.

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