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Best Overnight Oats Containers in 2024

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Having a proper overnight oats container makes meal prep super convenient and easy to accomplish. If you take the burden out of the equation, then soaking oats will become even that much simpler.

Overnight oats have arrived on the food scene and don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. People everywhere are looking for healthy meal options that can be easily prepared ahead of time.

Look no further! Overnight oats are here to save the day!

Recipes are simple to manage, take very little time to execute and many also use less than 5-ingredients. In addition, recipes are easy to customize and can be varied with little extra effort.

If you have already, give these overnight oats recipes a try and let us know what you think! I’m sure you’ll be delighted with all the fun options available!

What kind of jars do you use for overnight oats?

Overnight oatmeal jars are an easy, healthy make-ahead breakfast. But how do you decide what is the best overnight oats container for you?

Well, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting a container for your overnight oats. Aside from the overnight oats jar size, here are some other features to think about:

  • Jar Size: Oats that have been soaked overnight tend to swell. Consequently, ½ cup of dried oats can more than double in volume. Add some delightful oatmeal toppings, and a small container can be overflowing. As a result, a 12-16 oz. container will be a perfect overnight oats jar size.
  • Container Material: Glass does not stain, absorb odors or harbor flavors, and therefore seems like the best material choice in this situation. Furthermore, plastic lids don’t rust and plastic jars don’t shatter.
  • Jar Lid: The lid must be food grade, rust-free and also needs to lock in place. Plastic lids are rust-free and are fairly durable over time.
  • Container Shape: Shape is a personal preference, however, a wide mouth opening is a desirable feature. This makes it much easier to spoon the delectable tidbits out of the corners of the overnight oats container.
Here are the best overnight oats jars to store soaked oatmeal recipes.

Do overnight oats have to be in a jar?

An overnight oats jar has become the standard practice upon veteran eaters. But, do I have to put overnight oats in a jar?

A glass jar is not the only option available for overnight oatmeal. Tupperware containers, plastic containers and a medium-sized bowl with plastic wrap also work well for soaking oats overnight.

I prefer to stay away from plastic and polypropylene materials because unwholesome odors tend to permeate the container and the smell lasts indefinitely. As a result, I ended up using glass mason jars and they work fantastic for me!

What size jar should I use for overnight oats?

8 oz Mason jars works for a small serving of overnight oats. For a hearty portion made with ½ cup of oatmeal, use a 16 oz Mason jar to hold the oats, soaking liquid and any oatmeal fixings you enjoy.

The standard serving size for a portion of oatmeal is ½ cup of dry oats. When the soaked overnight with ¾ to 1 cup of liquid, the oats swell up with the absorbed liquid.

In addition, if the jar is too small that you wont be able to include the mix-ins or toppings because there might not be enough room in the container.

When it comes time to serve the overnight oats, you will want to stir the layers and mix the ingredients to meld the delicious flavors together. If the jar is too small, then stirring becomes cumbersome and you may not be able to get the bottom corners of the jar without spilling over the sides.

Can you put overnight oats in a plastic container?

The answer is yes! You can use a plastic container to meal prep overnight oats. Plastic is lightweight, durable and less fragile than materials like glass or ceramic.

Plastic tends to hold onto strong aromas and I don’t want my overnight oatmeal to taste like last weeks gravy! Therefore, I still prefer using a mason jar over a plastic container for my fave overnight oats recipes.

Do you have to cover overnight oats?

A refrigerator gives refuge to many funky odors. From pungent cheese to leftover Chinese food, the list can go on and on.

It’s important to properly cover and seal your overnight oats container because foods can easily attract bad odors and lock foul flavors inside. You really don’t want your oatmeal to taste like kimchi, right?

Have a container or jar that secures tightly and prevents unintentional flavors from entering your yummy meal prep.

The Bottom Line

The most important factors to consider when purchasing a overnight oats container are the size, material, lid and shape. The jar size is fairly important because you want the soaked oats to be able to properly fit with plenty of room for those game-changing oatmeal toppings.

A wide mouth design will allow you to dig deep into the container to get that last tasty morsel. In addition, you will be able to mix up the oats to get a well-balanced array of flavors.

Whether you choose plastic or glass, the decision is up to you. However, do consider that glass does not hold flavors and plastic will retain a funky smell that may be passed into your food.

5 Best Overnight Oats Containers and Jars

Once you get used to the chore, then preparing overnight oats becomes a daily habit and routine. Even assemble the meal prep for a few days ahead of schedule.

That’s why overnight oats have caught on as such a convenient and healthy breakfast. This list will help you find the best overnight oats container.

Sort through the options below and find a jar that is perfect for your needs. Decide between the plastic or glass, straight sides or rounded sides and also pick the overnight oats jar size that is perfect for you.

The overnight oats jar sizes range between 12-16 oz. The container size is perfect for a single serving of oats along with a hearty scoop of delicious oatmeal toppings.

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