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Is Oat Fiber Keto?

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Whole grain oats are processed into many different types that are commonly used in household kitchens. With the low carb lifestyle in full swing, oats have been relegated to the sideline, but what about oat fiber? Is oat fiber keto?

Can you eat oat fiber on a keto diet? It is the inedible exterior husk of the oat grain. Oat fiber is keto because it is completely insoluble and does not absorbed into your body, therefore it’s not count towards your carbohydrate intake.

Oat flour is popular, but is that the same thing as oat fiber? Are they different? How is oat fiber related to the keto diet? People who are on low carb diets should or should not include oat fiber? 

To find answers, this article takes a look at some nutritional information about oat fiber that will help you understand the benefits and advantages of including the inedible hull in your low carb keto recipes.

Is oat fiber okay for keto diet?

Yes, oat fiber is keto-friendly. It is insoluble fiber that your body cannot digest and does not add carbohydrates to your intake count. 

Many people incorporate its organic form as an extra filler in their keto baking or keto recipes. It gives a neutral flavor that is similar to wheat flour, but with zero carbs or calories to account for.

Oat fiber is somewhat darker cream color as compared to all-purpose white flour. Oat fiber is not listed in carbohydrates because it comes under an insoluble fiber. 

Its content forms from net carbs which follow the keto diet. This is why oat fiber is a net low-carb keto diet product, which also implies that oat fiber comes with zero calories. 

So, what is an insoluble fiber? As the name suggests, it is insoluble in water present in your body or doesn’t break down within our digestive pathways. 

So, the low carb content present in the fiber, passes through our body without getting digested into the waste. As a result, it does not add to the carb counts and hence a perfect keto addition.

Is oat fiber the same as oat flour?

No, oat fiber is not the same as oat flour. Oat fiber is not ground oats. It is made from the fibrous husk that surrounds the oat groats. It is not obtained from the oat kernel. 

Oat fiber is obtained from the exterior shell/husk/hull that covers the oat grain, and it is pure insoluble fiber. On the contrary, oat flour is not keto-friendly since it is made from oat grains and contributes to carbs to your digestive intake.

Oat fiber remains undissolved in water and unbroken in digestive tract. It is a source of pure dietary fiber that provides zero calories and has no nutritive advantages upon consumption. 

Each ounce of oat fiber provides 27 g of dietary fiber. Macros within an oat fiber is 0g protein and carbs, 3 g fat, 45mg sodium/oz and zero calories. 

The sole purpose of including oat fiber is to help the flow in the digestive system and avoid any constipation. It is a neutral ingredient. Therefore, it can be used as a substitution for oat flour. 

Up to ¼ of oat fiber can be substituted into the total quantity of oat flour to replace the quantity and add the bulk fiber advantage to baked goods. Oat flour and oat fiber have variant textures. Therefore, 1:1 or equal substitution is not suggested.

Is oat fiber grain free?

Yes, oat fiber is grain-free as it is made from the external husk/hull of the grain and not from the actual grain itself. It is made by separating the oat husk from the grain, and then the hull is processed. Post this separation, it is ground to obtain oat fiber as a fine powder.

Oat groats, also known as kernel, are surrounded by a shell or hull. Oat fiber is obtained by separating the oat hull from the groats that is then pulverized into a fine powder. 

Oats are harvested in their whole form, then washed and the hulls extracted from the kernel. The oat groats are processed into the majority of oat products including steel cut oats, rolled oats and quick oats. 

Oat fiber is obtained from the oat hull/husk and is an insoluble dietary fiber. This is why they lack nutrients, minerals, vitamins and are non-digestive.

Does oat fiber raise blood sugar?

Oat fiber helps reduce blood sugar spikes and regulates insulin. It is rich in fiber with zero glycemic index and also has the ability to minimize cholesterol levels. 

It can minimize your insulin intake when substituted with carb-rich foods. The insoluble dietary fiber rich content gives you a feeling of fullness and assist you in management of healthy body weight. This in turn helps in maintaining low blood sugar values.

Oat fiber regulate body blood sugar levels and adds bulk to your stool that aids in digestion. 

However, some disadvantages that are not as good as advantages are associated with oats and its relation to diabetes. Common oats side effects includes, bloating in the stomach, flatulence and adding flavor blended oats. 

However, you can minimize the cons by drinking ample amounts of water and avoid artificially flavored instant oat products. Try oat fiber in organic form without any additives.

What does oat fiber do in a recipe?

Oat fiber is meant for absorbing water in baking recipes and as a filler when used in ground meats. It gives an identical texture to wheat flour and has a mild taste along with low carb content.

Oat fiber can be added in smoothies, muffins, breads, cereals, pizza crusts and pancakes. It is added in different low carb recipes for its rich fiber content and digestive benefits.

Fiber is very good for management of body weight, digestion, control levels of blood sugar and minimizing cholesterol, and oat fiber is rich in insoluble fiber. 

It is something that carbs do not have and hence adding in oat fiber is excellent for bulking up recipes. Fiber absorbs water up to 7 times its weight. 

It can assist in low carb breads and acts as a substitute for flour because of its fine powder texture and consistency. This is why it can blend with other flours properly. 

Use caution as liquid ratios may need to be adjusted to appropriate quantity due to increased absorption capacities.

Is oat fiber keto?

Final Thoughts

Oat fiber is a keto-friendly dietary fiber and substitute commonly added to low carb recipes. 

It is an insoluble fiber that blends well with other flours, is mild in taste, absorbs 7 times water to its weight and is excellent for baking. The high fiber content aids in weight management, digestion, reducing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. 

Oat fiber is not the same as ground oats. It is made from the oat hull/husk. This is separated from the oat groats. Oat fiber is zero net carbs, zero in protein, zero in fat and gluten free insoluble dietary fiber making it a perfect dietary addition to any keto recipe.

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