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Best Rolled Oats in 2022

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If you ask me what are the best oats for making oatmeal, I would insist on using steel cut oats. However, the thicker pieces can take longer than 30 minutes to fully cook, so keeping rolled oats on hand is a good practice.

For this reason, I always keep a backup stash or two of old fashioned rolled oats in the pantry. If you buy the right brand of rolled oats, even the quicker cooking versions can make a delicious bowl of oatmeal or overnight oats!

Regular oats can be used to whip up a quick porridge, or in baked goods like cookies, granola and muffins, so it’s a hard fought battle to put a finger on the best rolled oats recipe. With so much versatility, how does one determine the best brand of rolled oats?

Best old fashioned oats

What is the best brand of rolled oats?

We used 10 brands of regular rolled oats to find a universally appealing oat that can do it all. It can be challenging to critique a product with so much similarity, but we tried our best to provide a comprehensive comparison.

Well, there are a few key factors to consider when selecting which rolled oats to buy. Aside from the brand name, here are some of the feature that make the best rolled oats:

  • Flake: Chewiness and texture are the result of thick rolled oats. The size of the flake is the determining factor that separates rolled oats from quick oats. Ultimately, the shape and thickness of each flake will provide the mouthfeel and chewiness that many find appealing.
  • Fragments: Rolled oats are oat groats that have been cut in half, steamed, and flattened. As a result, the pieces are large and whole. If you want pieces that are smaller and easier to cook, then select quick oats which have been rolled into thinner flakes that break apart into small fragments. A good quality rolled oats should contain whole pieces with very few fragments at the bottom of the bag.
  • Taste: Freshness is key! Whole grain oats have a lackluster flavor that easily pairs with fruits, nuts, yogurt or your favorite oatmeal toppings! Look for oats that smell fresh when the container first opens, and taste hearty when prepared in your favorite oat recipes!
  • Price: Of all factors, price is definitely something that should not be ignored! Th cost should not always be the determining factor, however it can play a roll in the final decision.

Our winner, Bob’s Red Mill Old Fashioned Regular Rolled Oats, was the crowd favorite! However, that’s not the only brand we recommend. For our reasoning and the full list of rolled oats that we tasted, scroll through the list we have assembled.

Can you use rolled oats for cookies?

Rolled oats make an excellent addition to oatmeal cookies. In fact, rolled oats add a delicate chew to the texture of the cookie crumb.

The large flakes disperse through the cookie dough and give a delightful crunch. However, you can pulse the rolled oats in a blender or food processor to break the larger pieces into quick oat sized fragments.

Can you use rolled oats for overnight oats?

Rolled oats are the cornerstone of overnight oats recipes. Rolled oats leave a chewy consistency to the soaked oatmeal, without allowing the entire texture to turn into mush.

The flakes soak up the liquid, but still proved a slight tooth that is pleasurable to chew on. Rolled oats are a clear cut winner when making overnight oats!

The Bottom Line

Whole grain oats are considered a valuable addition to a regular diet routine. When you consider the benefits of oats and all of the recipe ideas, then there is no doubt that rolled oats play a valuable roll as a pantry staple!

The most important factors to consider when purchasing rolled oats are the flake, fragments, taste and price. The freshness and price point are fairly important because you want oats that are properly stored, packaged and taste fresh without paying an arm and a leg for overpriced food.

Old fashioned oats should be thick, and not rolled too thin like quick oats. Therefore, flake size and fragmented pieces at the bottom of the bag can impact the consistency of the product.

Whether you choose to purchase oats in bulk or single use containers, the decision is up to you. However, do consider the fact that it is easy to store bulk oats and purchases in bulk are extremely affordable in the long run.

Best Brands of Rolled Oats

Are you making a bowl of hot oatmeal, or using rolled oats in a cookie dough or overnight oats recipe? No matter what, we have assembled a list of the best brands of rolled oats for you to choose.

Oats have caught on as such a convenient and healthy breakfast, along with being a gluten free option for baked goods. This list will help you find the best rolled oats for any recipe you choose to make.

Sort through the options below and find rolled oats that are perfect for your needs. Decide between the flake size, fragmented pieces, fresh taste and affordability to pick the old fashioned oats that is perfect for you.

The quantity of oats range between 32 oz and 10 pounds. The sizes are perfect for a few serving of oats or a hearty supply of delicious oatmeal at bulk pricing, the choice is yours!

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