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Is Oat Milk Healthy?

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Looking to cut out dairy and need a dairy free beverage to drink in the morning? Oat milk to the rescue, here is a healthy vegan beverage that you can use in place of mammal milk.

Milk is considered as one of the most important parts of a balanced diet. As much as you must maintain proper diet, there are many people who are lactose-intolerant, on a vegan diet or simply don’t like the taste of cow’s milk. 

Is oat milk healthy? Yes, oat milk is great alternate beverage for breakfast cereal, overnight oats or even for your favorite lattes. The primary ingredients are oats, water, and salt fortified with vitamins and nutrients for a balanced diet. 

If you are worried about additional ingredients added to the store-bought oat milk, try yourself to make it at home with simply ingredients that tastes like Oatly. The recipe itself is super easy to follow so you can make fresh batch at anytime.

Whether you are vegan or have strict diet and don’t want to consume any dairy products, the best solution for for a dairy free substitute is oat milk.

Loaded with flavor and wholesome goodness, plant-based oat milk is a great alternative. Can it help you to get all the much needed nutrients that you need? Is it a complete replacement for cow’s milk? Does it help in weight loss?

This article dives into the details about how oat milk is healthy for you. Covered below are the answers to frequently asked questions about oat milk, the nutritional benefits and the healthiest way to consume the oat drink.

What Is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is a plant-based milk that is derived from whole oat grains. This milk has a very creamy texture and nutty flavor that goes well with many foods.

The best part is that you can easily make oat milk at home or even buy it from the store. Just like regular dairy milk, oat milk is also available in different flavors and you can choose whether it comes unsweetened or sweetened. 

Oat milk is a blended beverage with all the pulp strained out, therefore much of the nutrients are strained with the mash. As a result, manufactures fortify the beverage with core vitamins and minerals to restore some of the lost nutrition.

Therefore, oat milk has some great nutrients in it that can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Why Is Oat Milk So Popular?

Oat milk is popular mainly because of its neutral taste, plant based benefits and sustainability feature. This milk has a very creamy texture and nutty flavor that pairs well when served with many foods like granola, cookies, smoothies and more.

The main reason for the increasing popularity of oat milk is the environmental factor. Nowadays, people have become quite conscious about the environment and the whole process of making milk with whole oat grains has very low environmental impact. 

The entire process of preparing oat milk, from the start to the end, is a very eco-friendly and sustainable system. Also, it doesn’t harm any animal or exploit them in the making. 

No wonder it is great for the animal-lovers and vegans who are looking for the best cruelty-free option.

Besides that, consumers also love the way oat milk tastes along with the richness of plant based nutrients. People are already aware about the benefits of oats, so with a slightly sweeter taste and a smooth texture oat milk is piggybacking on the popularity of the breakfast staple.

Is Oat Milk Safe?

Yes, oat milk is completely safe! It is gluten-free, lactose-free and plant based, making it safe for those with lactose-intolerance and gluten-sensitivities.

But there are some brands that sell oat milk containing gluten in it. If you are sensitive to gluten too, then make sure to choose a brand that offers gluten-free oat milk.

Besides being lactose-intolerant, there are many people who are allergic to nuts and soy. So, oat milk has risen in popularity as a safe alternative milk option when compared to almond milk or soy milk

Allergens and high sugar content in manufactured oat milk brands are the leading oat milk dangers that one should be aware of.

As oat milk is derived from whole grains, it is completely safe unless you are someone who experiences oat milk side effects. If you experience any digestion discomfort from drinking oat milk, then consult a physician before consuming any more.

Is Oat Milk A Healthy Beverage?

Yes, oat milk is an extremely healthy beverage that you can drink if you are not allergic to oats. Not only for cereal, but also you can also mix it with coffee, tea and even with your favorite baked goods.

Whether you want the best oat milk brands or enjoy making it homemade, it contains essential nutrients like vitamin A and D along with soluble fiber, potassium, calcium, riboflavin and iron. 

Most commercial oat milks are fortified with vitamins B2 and B12. Oat milk also contains a certain amount of carbohydrate in it and doesn’t contain any saturated fat because it is a whole grain food. 

It is also a source for plant based protein which is necessary for overall performance and bodily systems. 

As it is fortified with so many amazing nutrients, oat milk is definitely a healthier choice than regular dairy milk. One cup of oat milk, approximately 240 ml, can contain about 120 calories, which is pretty good for health conscious people watching their caloric intake.

Is It Okay To Drink Oat Milk Every Day?

Yes, it is completely fine to drink oat milk every day. In fact, studies have shown that consuming oats every day can actually help you to lower the risk of heart disease, cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar spikes.

A cup of oat milk every day can be quite healthy for you as it contains beta-glucans that actually help you in lowering the cholesterol level reducing the risk of heart diseases. It is also a great source of vitamin B such as B2 and B12. 

It contains a fair amount of calcium, which is great for bone health. As you age, the bone density can be affected making your bones weaker. 

Additionally, consuming oat milk can elevate your mood, promote healthy skin and hair and reduce stress. No wonder oats are considered a superfood that provides all around nutrition.

Why is Oat Milk Bad For You?

Oat milk can be bad for you if you are allergic or experience any oats side effects. Additionally, if you are celiac and consume oat milk that is not gluten free.

Furthermore, commercially available oat milk is often artificially sweetened. The higher levels of sugar can be unhealthy when consumed in abundance. 

Make sure that you are buying an unsweetened version of oat milk. 

Also, be careful about the gluten content in oat milk as it can be bad for people who are sensitive to gluten and have celiac disease. In that case, buy a gluten-free oat milk using gluten free oats and facilities that are certified.

Is Oat Milk Good For Weight Loss?

Oatmeal is considered as a superfood as it is high in protein and low in calories. It makes you feel satiated and prevents overeating, hence oat milk is good for weight loss.

The best part of oat milk is that it is high in fiber and promotes a feeling of fullness. That means you will fill full for a longer period of time helping to improve your appetite control. 

A suppressed urge of eating or deterred junk food cravings are the best way to achieve your weight loss goals.

People tend to snack in between meals when they have cravings. But oat milk can prevent that. 

Also, it is much lower in calories than the regular milk making it an invaluable part of your weight loss regime.

Oat milk healthy

Oat Milk Healthy: Conclusion

Oat milk is full of healthy nutrients and benefits. From baking to your daily coffee, oat milk provides high fiber, essential vitamins, and low calories to help you loose weight as well. 

Drinking a cup of oat milk everyday can help you lower cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Also, improve digestion and provide a longer lasting feeling of fullness due to the fiber rich content and that oats contain the soluble fiber beta-glucans. 

If you are considering store-bought oat milk, be aware to look at the amount of sugar and if it is gluten-free to avoid any unwanted symptoms.

Nonetheless, you should be mindful that oat milk is comparable to mammal milk. At no time should you consume oat milk as a dietary replacement for regular milk, it can be a preferential choice but not a nutritional substitute because the fat, proteins and essential micronutrients are not comparable.

Now you know all about the healthy benefits of oat milk. If you are looking for a dairy free alternative option for your regular milk, then you must consider it. 

It can help in improving your health as well as your mood. So grab a glass and don’t hesitate to use it in your favorite foods or part of any meal.

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