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Is Oat Yogurt Healthy?

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Do you love yogurt topped with fruits and drizzled with honey but looking for a dairy free alternative? If you’re considering a change to your balanced diet, then oat yogurt is a nutritious meal. It is dairy free, gluten free and entirely plant based.

If you are a vegan or lactose-intolerant, then dairy products can be a strict no for your diet. Including cultured products like yogurt is very important as you need all the beneficial bacterias and wholesome goodness it offers.

is oat yogurt healthy?

It is tough to find a healthy and nutritious cultured milk suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant people. Oat yogurt is the prefect solution. 

Is oat yogurt healthy? Oat yogurt is a healthy breakfast item or quick snack idea. The main ingredients is whole grain oats, which provide countless beneficial attributes, along with active cultures that provide beneficial bacteria. 

As long as you consume oat yogurt with low sugar and nutritious toppings, then the oat yogurt is healthy.

If you want to shift away from dairy products and are looking for the best option, then try oat yogurt.

Now, you may have a lot of questions in your mind regarding the oat yogurt. If it is healthy to consume every day? Does it have the essential probiotics? 

We will answer all the important frequently asked questions about oat yogurt. Read on to learn more.

What Is Oat Yogurt?

Oat yogurt is just like regular yogurt, but it is made with oat milk instead of dairy milk. It is a completely plant-based, vegan-friendly yogurt that is crafted without the use of any lactose or dairy products.

There are many types of oats. However, oat yogurt is made up of the rolled oats blended with water and strained to make a milk-like beverage. The oat milk is then cultured with active cultures to make a yogurt with a naturally creamy and thick texture. 

As a result, oat yogurt contains much more nutritional goodness than the uncultured beverage and is perfectly healthy nondairy yogurt. 

Oat yogurt typically contains dairy-free starter culture or probiotics to  introduce the bacteria fermentation process to the oat milk. As a results, the oat yogurt does add probiotics to your diet just like traditional yogurt.

It has a similar consistency like that of the yogurt, but not completely the same. In general, plant based thickeners like pectin, guar gum, or tapioca starch are used to thicken the culture to a pudding-like consistency.

Just like other types of yogurt, oat yogurts are also available in different flavors with fruit mix-ins or even sweetened and unsweetened. Consider adding granola and toppings to your oat yogurt to enhance the taste and boost its nutritional value.

Is Oat Yogurt Safe?

Yes, the oat yogurt is completely safe for you! In fact, it is a better option than the dairy yogurts as it is rich in plant based nutrients.

There are a number of oat milk benefits and side effects. Since oat yogurt is just cultured oat milk it is important to be aware of. The main concerns to consider is whether or not you have an oat allergy or experience oats side effects.

Whether the it is sealed or opened, oat yogurt does go bad so make sure to store it in the fridge to avoid early expiration. Consuming expired oat yogurt can cause stomach pain and food borne illness. 

Always check the expiration date on the container, but realize that has little impact on the overall food safety. Always smell and visually check the color of the oat yogurt before consuming to allow your senses to determine the safety of the food. 

Yogurt bowls with oats.

Is Oat Yogurt A Healthy Breakfast?

The oat yogurt offers a number of health benefits and is quite high in amino acids that give your body the much-needed protein intake to keep it functional and performing at peak levels. Additionally, it contains healthy bacteria that feeds your gut and digestive system. 

As oats are loaded with soluble fiber, you can expect the same to be found in oat yogurt too. So, a bowl of oat yogurt will give you a boost of soluble fibers that can help in many ways. 

The soluble fibers present in oat yogurt can help to increase the metabolism rate and lower the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) in your blood. It gives you a feeling of fullness that encourages weight loss because it extends until the next meal time.

Including oat yogurt in your breakfast is a great idea as it is contains essential nutrients, high in soluble fibers and packed with protein. Starting your day with a bowl of oat yogurt topped with fresh fruit and homemade granola is a considerably healthy meal.

As you will know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. All the doctors, health experts and fitness enthusiasts suggest having a breakfast like a champion. That means you must include the healthiest options in your breakfast menu. 

However, some store-bought oat yogurt brands might contain excessive amounts of sugar that is not helpful for healthy eating. In that case, select unsweetened oat yogurt and add fruits, muesli, nuts and seeds to increase the nutritional value of the yogurt. 

It can help you to energize your body with natural goodness and keep you feeling full for a longer time. In addition to these, oat yogurt can help you to lose weight and improve your digestion too.

Is It Okay To Eat Oat Yogurt Every Day?

It is quite healthy to eat oat yogurt every day. The wholesome goodness and nutritional benefits make oat yogurt a meal suitable for eating once a day.

The healthy gut bacteria present in oat yogurt can help clean your digestive track and nourish the gut flora. This good microbes provide smooth bowel movements and proper digestion. 

Having a bowl of oat yogurt contains lots of soluble fiber that sends signals to your brain about the increased feeling of fullness. So, you can feel fuller for a longer period of time, which ultimately helps you curb cravings for unnecessary junk foods.

Also, eating oat yogurt every day is a healthy option as it can boost your immune system by regulating body functionality. As a result, you are better equipped to fight against the harmful viruses and bacteria that prevent illness and infection. 

Because of the vital nutrients present in oat yogurt, you can get a balance of essentials vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and healthy fats in just a single bowl.

Does Oat Yogurt Have Probiotics?

Yes, oat yogurt contains probiotics that are essential for a healthy digestive system and provide balanced gut health benefits to you.

Vegan oat yogurt contains live active cultures that support digestion and beneficial gut bacteria. The probiotics are living microorganisms that promote natural benefits and improve overall gut health. 

Though the probiotics are actually bacteria, they are considered to be safe and healthy for your body. It can help your immune system to stay strong and digestive tract to function optimally. 

In fact, the probiotics present in the oat yogurt make the texture rich and creamy too. Although it doesn’t contain any dairy, it mimics the same benefits with a plant based alternative.

Oats with yogurt.

Oat Yogurt Weight Loss

The oat yogurt can be a great option for weight loss as the high fiber content increases the satiated feeling to help manage hunger cravings and keep your weight down. Oat yogurt is low-sugar and high fiber, which naturally benefits weight loss.

Oat yogurt is lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten free and low-fat option that contains a balance of essential nutrients. The high amount of protein and fiber present in oat yogurt gives you energy and a feeling of fullness that really fuels the body. 

Also, the high soluble fiber content in this yogurt along with the probiotics helps to improve the digestion and metabolism rate in your body. When the digestive system works optimally and the metabolism rate is high, you tend to lose significant amounts of weight when eating less calories than you output. 

Hence, oat yogurt can be the best yogurt choice if you want to lose weight. But make sure that you are buying an unsweetened oat yogurt in that case to keep the excess caloric intake to a minimum.

How healthy is oat yogurt

Final Thoughts

Oat yogurt is full of healthy probiotics, wholesome nutrition,s and essential vitamins and minerals that enrich your body, promote gut health, and also help you lose weight. Start with unsweetened oat yogurt and top with sliced fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds to add more valuable nutrients to your breakfast meal or quick snack idea after an intense workout.

In terms of nutrient levels, the base ingredient oats is known as a low-fat high fiber food source. Adding plant-based yogurt to your diet is a great alternative food to your diet whether you are health conscious or trying to cut back on your dairy intake.

Be aware many commercial oat yogurt brands serve a variety of flavors and sweetness, so check the ingredients listed on the packaging beforehand. Avoid sweetened varieties as they increase the sugar content beyond your control.

Confidently have unsweetened oat yogurt everyday for breakfast along with assorted toppings like fruits, nuts, cereals and more. It can surely help you to start the day with a dose of balanced nutrition that benefits your body.

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