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Banana Overnight Oats (17 Vegan, Gluten-Free Recipes!)

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Try these healthy banana overnight oats that you can eat hot or cold all year round. From peanut butter banana overnight oats to fresh brewed coffee infused mocha banana overnight oats without yogurt, we’ve rounded up the best overnight oats with banana that last five days to help you survive the hectic workweek. 

If you’ve only known cooked oats, then it’s time to open the door to overnight oats. The oats are soaked in your favorite liquid, and then served as a quick grab and go that is ready at any time of day.

The easy meal prep contains the health benefits of oats and also require no cooking at all. Dive into a fulfilling serving of banana overnight oats knowing that you are getting nutritional support for a balanced diet.

Bananas are easy to buy at the market all year round and these tasty recipes require very little creativity from you! From homemade granola to chia seed jams, the door is open for you to explore a wide variety of oatmeal toppings.

Banana overnight oats are made with ingredients that you can find in the market all year long. If you have been eating banana a day, upgrade your breakfast meal with these oatmeal recipes.

It’s a great breakfast idea or midday snack that will help you stop craving junk food or sugar-filled sweets. Have a healthy and stress-free morning by saving time with make-ahead meals to enjoy all week long. 

Does Banana Turn Brown In Overnight Oats?

The main issue when it comes to banana as the main ingredient is whether or not the banana turns brown in overnight oats. 

Banana does discolor slightly and turn a light brown color when used as a topping for the overnight oats. However, the majority of overnight oats recipes require either mashed or chopped banana mixed into yogurt or milk. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the banana turning brown inside the no cook oats.

Soak the banana in milk or yogurt mixture to prevent browning. In addition, store the overnight oats in an airtight mason jar to help prevent the bananas from turning brown overtime.

Is Oatmeal And Banana A Good Breakfast?

Bananas are a healthy fruit that gives your bowl of oatmeal a touch of sweetness. Banana has plenty of vitamins and minerals, and is recommended for regular consumption. Not only do they taste good together, but also provide fiber-rich nutrition to your breakfast meal. 

Here are the benefits of adding a banana to oatmeal every morning:

  • Potassium: Banana are full of potassium that help keep your blood pressure in check and regulate the balanced flow of fluids and minerals within your cells. Also, regularly consuming bananas helps to avert kidney stones.
  • Soluble and insoluble fiber: Oatmeal is a fiber-rich food that helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and diverticular disease. When adding banana to overnight oats, you are getting around 20% of your recommended daily intake of fiber in your diet.
  • Essential vitamins and minerals: More than just potassium, banana also contains magnesium and other vital vitamins and minerals for a healthy and balanced everyday diet. 

Both oatmeal and banana has fiber, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. These help you to feel full and cut off any cravings throughout the day. If you are having a hard time to sleep at night, bananas also contain a decent amount of magnesium that helps improve your night sleep. 

Basic Ingredients For Banana Overnight Oats:

Having a banana a day for breakfast or workout snack is like having an apple a day to keep doctors away. They are nutritious and filling that are perfect for base ingredients when it comes to making overnight oats. Here is reason why each individual elements are so important that you don’t want to miss out.

  • Banana: Always pick a well-ripened banana with brown spots and a soft texture. It helps to input natural sweetness to the oatmeal without adding additional sugar like honey or maple syrup. If you don’t have ripe banana, you can also cook the banana with butter or coconut oil to enhance the flavor. Dried banana chips are another option for a fantastic topping.
  • Oats: When it comes with making overnight oats, it is recommended to use old fashioned rolled oats instead of steel-cut or quick oats. Quick oats tend to get too soggy when soaked overnight night and steel cut oats are too chewy when only soaked for one night. Oats are naturally gluten-free, however its recommended to purchase certified gluten-free if you are on a strict wheat-free diet. 
  • Liquid: Whether you use cow milk, dairy-free alternatives, the liquid you choose makes every oatmeal taste slightly different. Try making overnight oats with this 5-minute almond milk, oat milk, hemp milk, homemade soy milk, flaxseed milk, or coconut milk to evaluate your favorite combinations.
  • Yogurt: Use milk based or vegan substitutes based on your personal preference. One scoop of Greek yogurt makes overnight oats creamy and rich in flavor. If you don’t like the taste of Greek yogurt, try banana-flavored yogurt to enhance the taste. 
  • Protein: Oats are a source of plant-based protein, however adding protein boosting ingredients to oatmeal is great option for post-workout snack or for a fulfilling snack at anytime of day. You can add a spoonful of your favorite protein powder or chia seeds. If you choose chia seeds, make sure to add an extra splash of liquid when serving because the seeds soak up liquid and thicken the texture of the oatmeal. 
  • Natural sweetness: Sometimes the banana doesn’t completely kick the sweet tooth. If that’s the case, add a drizzle of maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, chopped dates or agave nectar. If you are vegan, substitute the recipe with agave, date syrup, coconut nectar or brown rice syrup. 
  • Spices: Not all spices go well with banana. The top five spices that go well with banana oatmeal is clove, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom. 

Best Toppings for Banana Overnight Oats:

The subtle sweetness and creamy taste of a perfectly ripe banana makes it easy to pair with many fruits, nuts, and sauces to take your overnight oats to the next level. Here are the best toppings and combinations to make your banana overnight oats taste different everyday of the week:

  • Banana + Blackberries + Cream
  • Banana + Caramel + Peanuts
  • Banana + Coconut + Cream
  • Banana + Honey + Vanilla + Macadamia Nuts
  • Banana + Cream + Mango
  • Banana + Dates + Oatmeal
  • Banana + Oats + Pecans
  • Banana + Brown Butter + Caramel + Citrus + Peanuts

Mash banana into yogurt or milk of your choice to make banana-flavored yogurt or banana milk. This will give the oats base much more flavor and you’ll instantly notice how much big difference the easy trick makes.

Banana Overnight Oats

Banana overnight oats are easy to make, healthy and fulfilling. Explore the countless flavor combinations and customize your personal favorites.

These recipes are perfect meal prep ideas for your busy workweek. Assemble in a mason jar for an easy grab and go breakfast or afternoon snacks.

Each meal is packed with fiber, protein and essential vitamins and minerals. Enjoy overnight oats with banana each day knowing that you are getting a heart-healthy meal that will compliment your balanced diet.

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