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Vegan Overnight Oats Recipes

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Looking for some mouthwatering and super delicious vegan overnight oat recipes? If yes, then look no further as you have landed on the right page filled with healthy overnight oats that are free of animal products. 

There are two elements that make overnight oats a perfect plant based meal prep. The recipes are versatile with a multitude of combinations and the they are super easy to prepare because it requires zero cooking.

I have compiled 25 best vegan overnight oats recipes for you to choose from. Find your favorites or mix and match flavors to personalize a taste that you love!

Just keep on reading to find out what vegan overnight oats are all about and how to prepare recipes that a re guaranteed to savor your taste-buds.

What are vegan overnight oats?

Before sharing the list of vegan overnight oats with you, let’s quickly take a look and find out what no cook oats are all about. 

Vegan overnight oats are a wonderful option for a healthy and hearty breakfast. The fiber-packed, protein-packed, and extremely nutritious meal prep is suitable for all ages.

For example, whether you are preparing breakfast for your own, your kids, or any other elderly members of your family, vegan overnight oats can be an excellent option for each of them. 

Not only will the recipe enlighten their tastebuds and fulfill their appetite for a significantly long time, but it also supplies a wealth of minerals and essential nutrients to their body.

The process is really simple and straightforward. As the name implies, it’s an overnight oat recipe made without any animal products. Well, that means you will need to soak the oats overnight in a dairy free liquid. 

You can use any of your favorite liquid such as water, nondairy milks or even juice to soak oats overnight. With overnight soaking, oats will get a soft and creamy texture, and reduce the phytic acid present in the whole grain so it will be ready for your immediate digestion. 

Raw oats can have digestibility problems, and it can cause constipation issues as well. With vegan overnight oats, you will not face these problems because the soaked oats will have a porridge-like texture.

So, when the raw oats are soaked overnight, you can now serve them in the morning with some fruit slices, nuts, sweeteners, or any other ingredients you favor. Rest assured that these vegan oat recipes will deliver an impeccable nutritional value.

There is one more important benefit of vegan overnight oats, these recipe require no cooking hassles at all. With overnight soaking, the oats will already get the right texture that is ready to quench your appetite, hence it does not require any further processing or cooking.

Vegan overnight oats recipes

What common oatmeal toppings do I need to avoid?

So, you now know the potential benefits of vegan overnight oats. But, to make each recipe even better, there are three topping options that you must always avoid: milk, honey, and yogurt.

Oats soaked in liquid can be bland and fairly boring to eat for an entire meal. One surefire way to boost flavor and nutrition is adding oatmeal toppings or mouthwatering mix-ins to the dish.

However, too much unhealthy toppings can actually ruin your dish, so balance is key. Hence, be careful and do not add any unnecessary topping that offer no real health values or benefits.


Honey tastes so good and when it comes to sweeteners it is a favorite for oatmeal connoisseurs. However, honey is a byproduct from bees and is not considered to be vegan.

If you are following a vegan overnight oats recipe, omit the honey and substitute for any natural sweeteners like maple syrup, date syrup, palm sugar, coconut sugar or your favorite sugar alternative.


Milk is a byproduct commonly produced from cows, which again is not vegan. Milk adds a creaminess that goes very well with oatmeal, however there are dairy free alternatives that can easily be substituted into any vegan overnight oats recipe.

Replace the cow’s milk with nondairy milk choices like nut milks, grain milks, juice or even water. These vegan ingredients will make sure that the soaked oats are free of animal products and packed with flavor.

Additionally, be cautious of adding too much sweetened, flavored, or pre-processed liquids to your mixture. Sweetened and flavored milks contains piles of artificial contents and loads of sugar that are not really suitable for a well balanced diet.


Well, natural yogurt is considered to be a healthful topping option since it contains calcium, protein, vitamins, and more. But if you’re on a vegan diet, you will have to avoid animal based yogurts and stick with plant based options instead.

Nowadays, you can purchase vegan yogurt alternatives made from coconut, almond or cashews. They taste great and supply beneficial probiotics that aid digestion.

Again, select yogurts that contain minimal amounts of artificial sweeteners, added sugars, and extra preservative ingredients. This will help ensure the wholesome goodness as a topping for your vegan overnight oats.

The main idea is not to add too many sugary ingredients. Otherwise, the health benefits of vegan overnight oats will be outweighed by its sugar or calorific rich content.

Do vegan overnight oats need to be refrigerated?

Refrigeration is totally optional. Based on your choice, individual preference, and the recipe you are following, there may be an option for refrigeration.

But, it’s your decision and judgment whether you feel the refrigeration is needed or you should avoid it.

You can store oatmeal at room temperature indefinitely, but once the oats have been hydrated that is when things begin to change. The mixture becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause food borne illness if not cared for properly.

Ultimately, the decision is determined by one major factor, fermentation. If you are actively fermenting the oats, then leaving it to soak at room temperature for a day or two is common practice. 

Inversely, if you do not intend on fermenting, then overnight oats need to be refrigerated. When kept under refrigeration, oats will last for up to 5 days without worry.

Some people really prefer the cold and chewy texture of overnight oats; for them, the refrigeration may be needed. You can refrigerate soaked old fashioned oats overnight, bring it out in the morning, add your favorite toppings and add-ons, and serve them as a hearty and nutritious meal prep. 

Otherwise, you can also soak oats in your favorite liquid at room temperature, there will be minimal difference between these two processes resulting from fermentation. 

Whether you are refrigerating it or you are leaving it in the room temperature for an overnight, there will not be any major difference in the oat texture.

What are the best type of oats to make vegan overnight oats?

The key ingredients for preparing overnight oats are oats and liquid. Therefore selecting the best type of oats for overnight oats is important.

There are many types of oats available in the supermarkets today, so determining which one to buy can be challenging if you are unfamiliar. Steel cut oats, rolled oats and quick oats are the most traditional variants, but they are not the only ones.

Conventional old fashioned rolled oats are the best options when it comes to making vegan overnight oats. Old fashioned oats are the least processed ones, and do not have any pre-processing elements or any other artificial ingredients blended in.

The flakes become soft and creamy when exposed to moisture and soaked overnight. They retain a slight tenderness and chewiness that is palatable when eating.

In contrast, steel cut oats are too dense and hard for soaking; and quick oats become extremely soft and mushy when soaked overnight.

That’s why old fashioned oats are so great for your health and body. So, if you are going for vegan overnight oats, then old fashioned oats are the standard for these recipe preparations.

Can I cook vegan overnight oats?

Vegan overnight oats require no cooking hassle. That’s why it is considered to be the best, easiest, and most effective breakfast option for a grab and go meal prep. 

If you soak the old-fashioned oats for an overnight, the texture will be ready to immediately serve your hungry appetite. So, before heading into the hectic work schedule prepare a batch of these tasty ready to eat meals.

When you do not have enough time to prepare a complex and time-consuming breakfast preparation, just feel free to opt for vegan overnight oats. After soaking, overnight oats do not need to be cooked.

Just feel free to add your favorite ingredients to each recipe so that your taste-buds are both enlightened and enhanced.

Tips for Make Vegan Overnight Oats

The process of making low carb overnight oats is quite simple. Here are some simple tips that you must follow:

  • You must start by adding a serving of old-fashioned oats. Add as much oats as you want, but half a cup is a standard serving.
  • Fill the glass with whatever liquid you may want. You could even add water or could also add soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, orange juice or even oat milk.
  • When using mix-ins and toppings that also absorb moisture, a basic overnight oats ratio of 2:1 liquid to oats is recommended.
  • To make it tastier and more palatable, you can add walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds or even different kinds of berries. You also could add some fruits like bananas, apples, or pears.
  • Top it with vanilla, cocoa powder, cinnamon, apple pie spice, or even ginger powder. As long as you keep it plant based and free of animal products, then you are limited only by your imagination.
  • Ensure that the container is closed with an airtight lid and put it in the refrigerator. Let it soak and refrigerate for the night.

You are ready with your vegan overnight oats that is a fantastic source of plant based nutrition.

Best Vegan Overnight Oats Recipes

Without further ado, it’s time to share the best vegan overnight oats recipes. The classic combinations of flavor are blended with soft and tender soaked oats.

As previously explained, there is no cooking involved. Soak the oats overnight with the recipe ingredients, and the vegan meal prep is ready to eat!

Now, do not waste any further time, follow the vegan recipes below, and get started with some utterly delicious and extremely healthy breakfast options.

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